Installation process

What happens when you order rollpark

We care about our clients' time and make sure we offer the most streamlined, transparent and predictable process possible.

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Product selection

At this stage, we determine what product to recommend for your application.

under 1 week

Quote and estimate

Once we receive surveying or enough info about the project, we can design a layout and compose a quote/estimate for you.

under 1 week

Material production

Rollpark fabricates the material specifically for your project and ships to the project site. We ship domestically as well as internationally.

1—1.5 month

Engineering and design

We can either do the engineering and design for you or you can find a local engineer to design the project specifications. This step varies in its complexity: some projects demand more tests and specifications than others.

1—2 weeks


  • Site preparation can be done by us or by a local contractor
  • Rollpark and its perimeter curb/anchoring are always done by our crews to ensure maximal satisfaction.
  • We can install up to 2 acres a day of the Rollpark material. Including site preparation, installation takes about 1 week per acre.
1 acre per week

Up to 80% less constuction time than conventional parking lots